Andy Joseph Jr., Euuhootkn (Badger)

Vice-Chairman, Health & Human Services Committee Chair
Nespelem District Representative


Andy Joseph, Jr., has been elected to serve on the Colville Business Council for eight terms. He is a Nespelem District Representative and serves on the Colville Executive Committee and as First Chair for Health and Human Services Committee. Councilman Joseph is the 3rd Vice Chair of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) and also a voting delegate for the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). In July 2007 he was elected Vice Chairman of the Indian Health Service Direct Services Tribes Advisory Committee. On January 22, 2009, Councilman Joseph was appointed Chairman of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPIHB), and in April 2011, he was elected Chairman. In January 2011 Councilman Joseph was elected Member-at-Large of the National Indian Health Board. Mr. Joseph is a delegate at-large on the CDC Tribal Technical Advisory Committee Council Roster. Mr. Joseph is the Co-Chairman for the Contract Support Cost Work Group. Andy Joseph Jr. is also a Co-chair for the National Budget Formulation. Serves on SAMHSA Tribal Technical Advisory Committee since 2011 and is the Co-Chair. IHS National Facilities Advisory Committee and the National Purchased and Referred Care Work Group.  Andy is most proud of his family, and has been married to Lori Lynn for 34 years. He has five children and five grandchildren. Andy loves the land and all the gifts the Creator, sharing tradition and culture with children. And he loves to eat luckameen (salmon soup).  

Work (509) 634-2209
Cell (509) 631-4406