Current Code

The Colville Tribal Law and Order Code contains laws of a general and permanent nature, including all amendments, standard formatting changes and enactments, as approved September 20, 2001 and as amended in 2002, 2003 and 2004.


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Table of Contents PDF
Constitution and By-Laws PDF
Explanation PDF
Preamble PDF

Title 1: Preliminary Provisions/Administration of the Court PDF
1-1 Administration of Tribal Court PDF
1-2 Rules of Court PDF
1-3 Tribal Police PDF
1-4 Office of Reservation Attorney PDF
1-5 Colville Tribal Civil Rights Act PDF
1-6 Revision of the Tribal Code PDF
1-7 Coroner Code PDF
1-8 Council Code of Professional Responsibility PDF
1-9 Rules of Evidence PDF

Title 2: Rules of Procedure PDF
2-1 Criminal Actions PDF
2-2 Civil Actions PDF
2-3 Infractions; Field Bonds; Other Civil Offenses and Forfeitures PDF
2-4 Administrative Procedure Act PDF
2-5 Debt Set-Off PDF

Title 3: Offenses PDF
3-1 Criminal Code PDF
3-2 Exclusion and Removal PDF
3-3 Motor Vehicles PDF
3-4 Central Records Depository PDF
3-5 Crime Victim Compensation PDF
3-6 Fireworks PDF
3-7 Civil Infractions PDF

Title 4: Natural Resources and the Environment PDF
4-1 Fish, Wildlife and Recreation PDF
4-2 Watercraft Registration PDF
4-3 Land Use and Development PDF
4-4 Cultural Resources Protection PDF
4-5 On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal PDF
a) Liquidation Damages PDF
4-6 Aggregate Development & Reclamation Act PDF
4-7 Forest Practices PDF
4-8 Water Quality Standards PDF
4-9 Hydraulics Project Permitting PDF
4-10 Water Resources Use and Permitting PDF
4-11 Rangeland Management PDF
4-12 Forest Protection PDF
4-13 Solid Waste PDF
4-14 Wild Horses PDF
4-15 Shoreline Management PDF
4-16 Hazardous Substance Control PDF
4-17 Public Facilities Financing PDF
4-18 Air Emissions Control PDF
4-19 Fire Management PDF
4-20 FEMA - National Flood Insurance Program PDF
4-21 Highway Advertising PDF
4-22 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities PDF
4-23 Environmental Quality Commission PDF

Title 5: Domestic Relations PDF
5-1 Domestic Relations PDF
5-2 Juveniles PDF
5-3 Attendance PDF
5-4 Abuse of Elders and Vulnerable Adults PDF
5-5 Domestic and Family Violence Code PDF

Title 6: Regulatory Provisions PDF
6-1 Industrial Safety PDF
6-2 Liquor Control PDF
6-3 Colville Tribal Building Code PDF
a) Current IBC PDF
6-4 Energy Code PDF
6-5 Gaming PDF
6-6 Research Regulations PDF
6-7 Sewer PDF
6-8 Tobacco PDF
6-9 Animal Control and Protection PDF
6-10 Water Utilities PDF
6-11 Supplemental Fuel PDF
6-12 Fuel Delivery PDF
6-13 Toxic Lead (Pb) Program PDF
6-14 Vehicle, Manufactured and Mobile Home Removal PDF
6-15 Workers Compensation Claims Act PDF
6-16 Mixed Martial Arts PDF
6-17 Mixed Martial Arts Regulations PDF
6-18 Tribal Unarmed and Armed Private Security PDF
6-19 Industrial Hemp PDF
6-20 Commercial Marijuana Production, Processing, Retail Sales PDF
6-21 Temporary Unit Occupancy Tax Act PDF

Title 7: Corporations PDF
7-1 Governmental Corporation PDF
7-2 Non-Profit Corporations PDF
7-3 Business Corporations PDF
7-4 Colville Limited Liability Company Act PDF
7-4 Fee Schedule PDF
7-5 Tribal Corporations/Limited Liability Companies Code of Ethics and Business Conduct PDF

Title 8: Enrollment, Referendums and Elections PDF
8-1 Membership PDF
8-2 Procedures for Proposing Constitutional Amendments PDF
8-3 Elections PDF
8-4 Referendums PDF

Title 9: Property PDF
9-1 Mortgage, Deeds of Trust and Real Estate Contracts PDF
9-2 Donated Property PDF
9-3 Landlord Tenant Relations PDF
9-4 Interference with Tribal and Indian Property PDF
9-5 Realty PDF
9-6 Leasehold Mortgages PDF

Title 10: Employment and Contracting PDF
10-1 Tribal Employment Rights PDF
10-2 Tribal Employee Records Confidentiality PDF
10-3 Indian Preference in Contracting PDF
10-5 Workforce Protection Act PDF

Title 11: Health and Human Services PDF
11-1 Colville Tribal Health Authority PDF
11-2 Colville Indian Housing Authority PDF 11-3 Dental Health Provider Licensing PDF

Title 12: Uniform Commercial Code PDF
12-1 General Provisions PDF
RESERVED 12-2 through 12-8 PDF
12-9 Secured Transactions PDF