Proposed Code Amendment
6-5 Gaming

Proposed amendment Chapter 6-5 Gaming. 6-5. 1st Meeting July 26, 2017. 2nd Meeting October 11, 2017. Code. Now accepting online comments. 

1. Briefly summarize the proposed amendment:
The Code is being updated to clarify several sections and add the required individual gaming standards in the NIGC Gaming regulations in order to expand available options for the Tribes. It is also clarifying the lottery provisions and updating the timelines required for appeals when a patron is excluded from the casinos

2. Provide the reason for the proposed amendment:
Chapter 6-5 Gaming is being amended to address deficiencies in regulatory language as advised by NIGC. The previous amendments restricted gaming activities primarily to the Gaming Enterprise, and did not allow flexibility for other Tribal entities to offer limited activities such as raffles. Clarifying exclusion provisons and the lottery provision.

3. List if the Chapter is new or which the section(s) are being amended or added.
6-5-131; 6-5-132; 6-5-135; 6-5-212

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