2017 Fireworks Survey
Ends April 21, 2017

 2013 Rattlesnake Fire caused by fireworks

2013 Rattlesnake Fire caused by fireworks

How do you feel about Fireworks being sold and discharged on the Colville Indian Reservation?

The Tribal Emergency Response Team is interested in your opinion about fireworks within the exterior boundaries of the Colville Indian Reservation.  There is a firework ban in Ferry County, and in the Cities of Coulee Dam, Elmer City, and Nespelem.  Currently, Okanogan County is considering a fireworks ban which will include the City of East Omak.


  • There are approximately 11 families that sell fireworks on the reservation.
  • Emergency resources are thinly spread across the reservation to protect property and public safety during fireworks events. 
  • In the Northwest we are seeing an increase of extreme weather conditions.  Which include low relative humidity, strong winds, dry fuels, the possibility of dry lightning strikes, or any combination of the above.  These conditions are ideal for wildfire combustion, and rapid spread.

  • Depending on source and quantity, fireworks and its debris may be considered Hazardous Waste and could cause harm to the environment if not properly disposed of.
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